Full Truck Load (FTL)

With a huge experience being the best logistics service provider, Johaar India offers affordable and easy trucking-based solutions for all customers. The full truck load services can assist with all the capacity and volume needs in a more time and cost-efficient way.

Generally, full truck load services are needed for businesses that are looking to transport bulk products over long distances. In FTL, the entire truck is allocated to a single customer. We at Johaar make sure the deliveries are done in the safest possible manner across the country.

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Part Truck Load (PTL)

In part truck load shipping, goods of different customers move easily around the country via one truck. Through this way, the shippers can share the load and pay according to the space consumed by their materials.

Johaar India offers seamless Part Truck Load services across the country with its numerous shipment hubs located extensively in the major areas. We offer cost-effective pricing to get the goods shipped efficiently. The major idea behind the entire business is to use the company’s network strength and let the heavier loads reach different parts of the country at a high speed.

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